"Get Fit, Stay Fit... Do it with ©DazFitUK!"

©DazFitUK Services...

©DazFitUK have developed a rich variety of training programs based on the ethos that fitness is for everyBODY, youre never too old and `one size` does NOT fit all! Additional to the services listed below, many others are available and these include: Sports therapy massage, treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries and sports and remedial massage etc...

Please email us with any questions you may have.

©One to One

Dazfit Fitness Training (Berkhamsted) One to One Zone

©DazFitUK offer both ©One to One and small group fitness training appointments. Personalised training is often only associated with famous film stars and professional sports people etc but this not the case!
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By choosing the services of a personal fitness trainer, Daz Mac believes that you will not only receive that extrinsic motivation that you require, you will also have somebody guiding you through your fitness journey, using their knowledge and experience.

Yourself and your trainer will choose the main key element/s to focus on, whether that be to Lose negative weight, Gain positive weight, increase your aerobic capacity, improve something specific to aid with your chosen sport or achieve something set out by your G.P. etc

We offer bespoke packages, so just let our team know what you PERSONALLY want to get from using our ©One to One training service (tell us in person or email us).

For all your fitness training needs:
"Let ©DazFitUK give you the PERSONAL touch!" (©DazFitUK.com)

©Darren`s Aerobike Zone

Dazfit Fitness Training (Berkhamsted) AeroBike Zone

©DazFitUK takes indoor cycling to another level. Nothing cheesy like "Youve tried the rest, now try the best" just a structured Funtastic™ ride of your life!

EveryBODY can participate in and benefit from all that ©Darrens Aerobike Zone has to offer. There is no need to learn a difficult choreographed routine, so there are no excuses for those of you that say: "I cant do it, my co-ordination is absolutely useless!"

The self-gearing system on the bikes allows each individual to work at their own intensity to complete the ride, irrespective of their fitness ability.

The above does not mean that people can be lazy and not work to the level that they are capable of! Too little resistance can be dangerous, so:
"Always make sure that you take the bike for a ride, dont let it take you!!!"™ (©DazFitUK.com)

"Give calories the boot, Give your cardiovascular system a kick,
Give ©Darrens Aerobike Zone a go!"

©Lower Intensity Functional Exercise

Dazfit Fitness Training (Berkhamsted) Abdominal Zone

Focussing on strengthening the core muscles of the body, to promote great posture and improve overall strength.

Using Swissballs, TRX®, Flex-bar®, own bodyweight etc...
The ©Lower Intensity Functional Exercise programme can delivered as both a group class and also as a ©One to One training session.

Exercising the core (which includes the abdominals) muscles properly is extremely relevant to many sports and every day routine functions, so these exercises should not be seen as ones that are performed purely for cosmetic reasons.

Weak and/or out-of-condition core muscles can cause poor posture, sometimes leading to back pain, and leaving you more susceptible to back injuries.

"Do your body a favour & give your core muscles a proper workout!" (©DazFitUK.com)

©Darren`s Anaerobic Zone

Dazfit Fitness Training (Berkhamsted) Anaerobic Zone

This Interval Based Body Conditioning program progresses over 3 sessions and each session gives you the chance to work your body to an optimum level.

The program doesn't always follow the High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.)method BUT it is always based on timed intervals.

During the 3 stages of progression, ©Darren`s Anaerobic Zone increases the time spent in the workout phase and lessens the time spent `resting`.

Daz Mac believes that the more effort that clients put in throughout the sessions, the more benefit they/their body will receive and its not un-common to hear Daz Mac saying:
"Put in 100% effort and gain ultimate body changing results!"™ (©DazFitUK.com)

This program will shock peoples body and therefore they will get results. Another favourite quote used by Daz Mac whilst delivering this program, is: "To achieve the results you would love, you sometimes have to do things that you hate!"™ (©DazFitUK.com)

"Do the wrong training & get the wrong results, do the right training & get the right results!"

©Darrens Anaerobic Zone will get you the body you deserve!

©Fit 2 Box

Dazfit Fitness Training (Berkhamsted) Fit 2 Box

Boxing based fitness sessions based on skills learnt on the ©Outbox course.


Skills learnt from both Adam Booth & David Haye are incorporated within these sessions.

©DazFitUK will teach you some boxing techniques & get you Fit enough to Box. (©Fit 2 Box)

"These sessions are a knockout!"™ (©DazFitUK.com)

©Learn Fit

Dazfit Fitness Training (Berkhamsted) Learn Fit Zone

On the basis that Daz Mac and his team believe "Knowledge is power" they aim to educate via many formats.
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Continuous educational development from ©DazFitUK is delivered via seminars, courses and during sessions/classes.

For those of you who are working in the fitness industry, some courses will be CPD (Continuous Personal/Professional Development) accredited.

Learning something new or just refreshing knowledge already gained, is a major element of overall fitness. By keeping your mind active, you will assist in the overall wellness of your body.

"Dont just learn how to perform an exercise, learn why you are performing it!"™ (©DazFitUK.com)

©Team Fit

Dazfit Fitness Training (Berkhamsted) Team Fit Zone

Bespoke team building packages are built to suit your requirements, whatever your group size and/or budget.
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When the question "What does a team building package consist of?" is asked, a very simple answer of "It depends on the needs of the group!", is given in reply.

Our packages range from a one hour session to a multi-day team building event. The sessions can take place both indoors and outdoors (at a variety of locations). Let the ©DazFitUK team know your requirements and well give you some package options.

Please email us with any questions you may have.

"Team work is less about ME and more about WE!"™ (©DazFitUK.com)

"Get Fit, Stay Fit... Do it with ©DazFitUK!"